MXL 960 Tube Condenser Microphone

One of the quietest microphones you'll ever lay your hands on, the MXL 960 tube condenser microphone has an extremely wide dynamic range and a crisp, airy sonic character. The MXL 960 performs excellently on either analog or digital recordings.

• Large capsule condenser
• Vintage sonic tube characteristics
• Internally wired with Mogami® cable


Dynamic Microphone for Bass Instruments

This dynamic AKG D 11/XLR is a durable microphone with the guts to handle everything from kick drums to bass guitar cabinets. The AKG D 11 mic delivers a gutsy bass response, and can handle the highest sound pressure levels with ease. Built with a rugged wire mesh cap and a sturdy die-cast metal body.

The Art M two condenser microphone

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