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 Cubase 6/part of a digital audio workstation

A Powerhouse DAW for Everyone!

Streamlined recording, powerful editing tools, flexible mixing options, incredible virtual instruments, tons of amazing plug-ins - these are the reasons that many of today's top music producers and musicians choose Steinberg's Cubase 6 DAW. Whether you're looking for a great way to record your band's next album, an integrated environment for composing and arranging musical scores, or a powerful tool you can use to lay down beats, you're going to love working in Cubase 6. From its time-tested ASIO plug-in engine to an advanced virtual control room with full 5.1 surround sound support, Cubase gives you the tools you need to accomplish more and make better music.

In addition to a rock-solid list of legacy features, including Audio Warping and a comprehensive mixing/editing environment, Cubase 6 introduces a new generation of powerful music production tools. Advanced tempo detection lets you instantly tempo map your session to imported audio files. This same technology drives Cubase 6's beat detection, which gives you pin-point accurate beat slicing and drum replacement resources. Slice up and quantize individual tracks, or use this powerful tool across your entire session to lock your recording to the beat. Lane Track arrangement is another useful tool. Record multiple takes on a single track in separate lanes, then use the Lane Track arrangement tools to select the best parts of each take and instantly combine them into a single dynamic track. These and other powerful editing functions make Steinberg Cubase 6 an outstanding DAW for anyone!

Cubase 6 DAW Features at a Glance:
  • NEW - Beat-detection, slicing, and replacement tools
  • NEW - Advanced tempo detection for beat mapping
  • NEW - Multitrack audio quantization
  • NEW - Lane Track arrangement for lightning fast multi-take comping
  • NEW - Multitrack editing functions
  • 64/32-bit floating-point audio engine
  • Unlimited audio, Instrument, and MIDI tracks
  • 5.1 surround and true multichannel audio path
  • Audio Warp (real-time time stretching + pitch shifting)
  • Time Warp tool
  • Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching algorithm



60 Effects and Processor Plug-ins:

  • 4 x equalizers
  • 4 x filter-based effects
  • 12 x dynamics processors
  • 8 x distortion effects (including guitar amp modeling)
  • 3 x reverb engines
  • 12 x modulation effects
  • 4 x delay types
  • 2 x spacial processors
  • 3 x pitch effects (including pitch correction)
  • 1 x mastering dither plug-in
  • 7 x mix tools

 8 Powerful Virtual Instruments with Over 1,900 Sounds:

  • HALion Sonic SE streamlined version of HALion Sonic, Steinberg's premier VST workstation
  • Groove Agent ONE drum machine with detailed sound shaping
  • LoopMash loop-based beat-creation instrument
  • Prologue polyphonic subtractive synthesizer
  • Spector spectrum filter-based synth
  • Mystic physical modeling and comb filtering synth
  • Embracer polyphonic pad and accompaniment synthesizer
  • Monologue monophonic analog synthesizer based on physical modeling technology

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