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  Waves Platinum bundle

Platinum is one of our most powerful collection of signal processing tools.

The Waves Platinum bundle includes 25 processors and is the most complete line of professional audio processors ever offered. Platinum combines the renowned Gold with new Masters and Renaissance Collection 2 bundles. Waves audio processor Plug-Ins are the quality standard for thousands of top audio professionals. This collection combines many of Waves most sophisticated technologies for sonic superiority.

Perfect for mastering, trouble-shooting, environmental analysis


ArtsAcoustic Reverb

ArtsAcoustic Reverb (AAR) is a great sounding and refined reverb effect plug-in. It fits any music style.

AAR works at all sample rates, offers 32 and 64 bit processing, runs in true stereo, is 100% mono compatible, offers full automation of its parameters, and contains over 200 presets to get started.

AAR’s controls are broken down into eight sections; Room type with seven different algorithms of strong, fast, open, smooth, small, medium and large; Time Design with decay, pre-delay, attack and spread controls; Room Design with room size, room width, diffusion and density controls; Level with wet and dry controls (that can be decoupled from the preset, thankfully); EQ with Hi and Low cut controls; Damping with lo, mid and high ratios and frequency range selections; Echo with size and intensity selections; and Misc. with modulation and quality controls.


Blue Tube bundle

BTB use Retro Sound Modelling technology, Pulse-Tec EQs comprises emulations of two Pultec models, the mid range equalizer MEQ-5 and the EQP-1A program equalizer, with a preamp section tacked on for good measure.

Blue Tube bundle is very accurate and precise that´s why this is one of the plug ins that we use often to mix different music genres.

AcumaLabs Final Mix

Main Features

  •     6-band pre-dynamics parametric equalizer
  •     3-band dynamics processor
  •     6-band post-dynamics parametric equalizer
  •     Graphical (user definable) dynamics band contours
  •     Adjustable crossover points for multi-band dynamics
  •     Adjustable crossover slopes for multi-band dynamics
  •     Node based adjustment of EQ bands and dynamics bands
  •     Soft Clip feature – provides peak overload protection
  •     Noise gate – with threshold adjustment
  •     DC removal filter – automatically removes DC offset noise
  •     Dynamics bands linking – simplifies use in stereo configurations
  •     Fully automated
  •     Global enable button
  •     On/Off for the dynamics section and each EQ
  •     Separate dynamics and EQ reset buttons
  •     Plug-in patch load and save
  •     Memories A and B – compare settings quickly and easily
  •     Input, output and gain reduction metering

Sonalksis Studio One bundle

Here we have the complete set of Sonalksis audio processing tools.

FocusRite Midnight PlugIn Suite

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